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Disconnection Policy:

The disconnection policy with PokerMet consists of certain conditions. If a tournament gets cancelled due to any technical reason, then the players who were eliminated before the cancellation will stand to lose their buy-in and the registration fee. As for the rest of the players, they will get a full refund of their buy-in and the registration fee. As for the amount from the buy-ins of the players already eliminated, it will be evenly distributed between the remaining players; the amount of chips standing with each player will not be taken into consideration at this point.

Sit and go multi-table and multi-table tournaments:

Again as discussed, if a tournament is cancelled because of technical issues then the money will not be refunded to any players who have been eliminated before the cancellation took place. They will lose their buy-ins and the registration fee.

As for the rest of players remaining at the table, they will get refunded.

The amount of prize money which were to be awarded to the next eliminated players from the tournament will be given to all the remaining poker players during the time of cancellation.

Once distribution is over, the prize pool remaining as per the first point discussed, half of the amount will be equally distributed among all the players and the remaining half will be distributed on a percentage basis as per the chip count remaining with the players at the time of cancellation. This will also include the registration fee.

Policy for disconnection not applicable:

This disconnection policy will not apply to any sit and go, single table tournament. If you lose connection then your hand will automatically be folded as per the programming.