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As the name suggests, tournament is a poker game where players start with an equal number of chips and keep playing until all the chips go to one player (this player wins all the chips).

Tournaments are really popular among poker players due to the thrill behind the game allowing one to increase their banking in poker continually.

Every tournament comes with a buy-in as well as a registration fee. The minimum buy-in amounts are put into the prize pool of the tournament, the registration fee is taken by PokerMet.com.

The size of the amount in the prize pool depends on the number of poker players participating in the tournament and is completely paid to the winner who takes the main pot.

Tournament types:

We at PokerMet offer two types of tournaments:

Scheduled: these are tournaments that have a fixed timing of starting and are announced in advance. The players interested to play need to register to participate in the same. The time for registration usually ends a minute before the tournament starts and is announced in the lobby.

Guaranteed tournaments: this is a tournament which comes with a guaranteed prize pool. The minimum sum to be won remains fixed and will not depend on the number of players. However, the prize pool can increase with a substantial increase in registrations. In order to start the tournament a minimum number of players are required.

Freeroll tournaments: this game means that player’s participation is completely free of charge. The casino or the gaming portal (in this case us) offers the prize pool. Freeroll tournaments are organized to have new players on board or for players who have played a certain number of hands and may be allowed to win without investing any money.

Sit and go: such tournaments are available 24*7. They commence as soon as a few number of registered players are gathered. The standard rules of poker tournament apply to all these tournaments along with a few additional rules that may apply to a particular tournament.

What are buy-ins?

In order to participate in any tournament a player has to make a payment, which includes the amount for buy-in as well as the fee.