Forgot Password


  • No, User ID created once cannot be changed.
  • Go to Pokermet site /App. Click on the Login button. Enter your Login ID/Registered email, and then click “Forgot Password”. A new temporary password will be created and sent to your email.
  • Go to Pokermet site /App. Click on the Login button. Enter your Registered email, and then click “Forgot UserID”. Your registered User ID will be sent to your email.
  • You will have to wait for the round to finish. Once the fresh hand is dealt, you can pick your seat (If more than 1 seat is empty).
  • In Cash/Ring games, once the hand you are in is over, you can exit.
  • In Tourneys, the chips invested will be blinded off once you leave an ongoing tournament.
  • Kindly report the incident to us immediately via our chat/email option.
  • We need this for verification at the time a player is withdrawing their winnings. You are required to submit them only once and we assure safety and protection of all the documents submitted by you.
  • A high speed broadband is required for our software to run on any of your devices. A minimum of 765kbps downstream and200kbps upstream bandwidth would be ideal.