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Play Poker Games Online In India

PokerMet is India's premier end-to-end poker solution. Developed by professional players themselves, it offers the ultimate gaming experience. With diverse games for different skill sets and player levels, PokerMet is open to everyone with a passion for poker. With diverse games for different skill sets and player levels, is open to everyone with a passion for poker. Reach out to our coaches, get access to specialized poker learning resources and learn the tricks of the game to become a champion poker player. You can play anytime and from anywhere, all you need is internet connectivity!

Team PokerMet is prepared with 24*7 customer support and has a back-end team of skilled poker players who dedicatedly assist on-site players and resolve their queries at the earliest while at play. We are certified as per global online gaming standards, with BMM certification for online poker in India.

The distinguishing factors that set us apart from other poker sites are the best UX and game UI, safe and hassle free transactions, superfast cash outs along with round the clock customer support. We have taken social gaming to an all new level with specialized weapons animations. And that’s why you should join PokerMet – Where Kings Play and Queens Slay!


Can this war bring peace?!

Let’s face it, wars suck. No good ever came out of a war for anyone involved, even for those who were on the winning side! But what if wars were fought differently than the typical way, what outcome can an intense battle of poker have? Would the beaten be fallen or would they just sulk at their bad beat and sit for another round in all good health. Team PokerMet wants to condone an idea of a war with difference, a war for peace played not with guns but poker chips. Imagine what that would be like...

PokerMet’s website gets a facelift!

Team PokerMet is proud to announce an upgraded version of This is an exciting development for us as this upgrade has been made with special focus on the needs of our players. We greatly focused on simplifying the aesthetics of the site with clear navigation, intelligible content and a more responsive layout compatible with all smart platforms...

Today is the big day – War of ZEHN to bring your pockets’ peace

You read that right, War of ZEHN starts today at 9:30 PM. The equations to win this poker battle is simple, register with code ZEHN today before the tourney starts and convert your 300 into 5.5 million within a span of just 10 weeks. This is one of a kind poker league in India with lowest depositor’s freeroll. ...