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War of Zehn – We don’t die we multiply

With the overwhelming response from poker players all around at the day of our launch, team PokerMet has been busy planning the next big surprise. And here it is, with the thrilling march to million with PokerMet’s War of Zehn! After the success of our HIFITour satellite tournament series, we are proud to be presenting you with yet another exciting poker series, which guarantees a massive prize pool of over 5 million within 10 weeks!...

First 3 PokerMet Kings Get to Ride king Style

The old saying about cars and late night drives has an uncanny resemblance to playing poker online! Playing online poker is almost like driving your new car late at night; one can never see further than their headlights, but you can still make your entire trip that way. And it’s a jolly good ride, worth the trip!...

Today is the big day – War of ZEHN to bring your pockets’ peace

You read that right, War of ZEHN starts today at 9:30 PM. The equations to win this poker battle is simple, register with code ZEHN today before the tourney starts and convert your 300 into 5.5 million within a span of just 10 weeks. This is one of a kind poker league in India with lowest depositor’s freeroll. ...

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